Colegio Junipero
Bondojito 238 Col. Las Américas C.P. 01120 México D.F.
Administrado por Estrategias Digitales
Telephone: 5515-5700 and 5277-2559
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Tuition and Fees

We extend a warm welcome to our new families, and we thank you for choosing Colegio Junipero.

The payments required by the school, upon admittance are:

  • An individual one time Admission Fee per child is required upon acceptance. This fee is non-refundable.
  • A yearly Enrollment Fee is paid, per student in February. At this time, parents must sign a yearly contract that is mandatory. This fee covers medical insurance, in case of accidents on the school grounds and while using the bus service.
  • The tuition fees cover 10 payments, from September to June. These are paid electronically by the 10th of each month. A late fee of 5% will be charged from the 11th day on.
  • The bus service is mandatory and must be paid monthly, together with the Tuition fees. This service is paid from September through June a total of 10 payments. A late fee of 5% will also be charged from the 11th day on.
  • Payment for yearly Tuitions must be fully covered by September 10th, in order to obtain a discount.
  • A yearly family fee must be paid to the order of the Mother’s Guild Organization.